Top Audiobook Apps for iOS & Android in 2019

Audiobooks let you savor the experience of listening to a book. Listening makes it easy to go through your favorite fiction novel or a celebrity’s bio while en route to your office, or during your workout sessions- if you’re such a multi-tasker.

Audiobook Apps

Let us look at a compilation of some of the best audiobook apps available on iOS and Android platforms.

1. Audible

Audible audiobook app has an extensive collection of over 150,000 titles in its library. Such a vast range comes bundled with many ease-of-use features that augment its ratings. A reader can pair it with Amazon devices like Dot or Echo and rope in Alexa for voice commands like picking up the best books in a specific genre. It can also be integrated with Kindle which allows the comfort of converting an ebook to an audiobook for a small fee. Other features include chapter navigation, bookmarks, sleep mode, etc.

2. Audio Books by

Its library constitutes more than 45,000 audiobooks from every genre you can think of. Audiobooks are available for cloud-streaming, or you download them to listen while offline. It includes an array of features like automatic bookmarking, sleep timer, cross-device syncing besides many other useful features.

3. Serial box

This app makes listening to a long novel an exciting exercise. It breaks a large chapter or part of a book into sub-parts enabling the reader to adjust them to his schedule. Moreover, the partitioned portions come under swanky headlines that catch the mind of the reader. Readers can subscribe or buy passes to a complete audiobook stream or buy some of its seasons.

4. Google Play Books

On Google Play Books, instead of buying a monthly subscription like in many audiobook apps, readers can preview audiobooks and buy whatever they wish to listen. Google audiobook controls enable a reader to jump to chapters, set playback speed, snooze timer, skip ahead or scroll along the book timeline in addition to other features.

5. Kobo Books

Kobo provides a subtle option to listen or read through your favorite audiobook. The app allows cross-platform syncing- which means you can read or listen on different devices. It also has a customizable ebook reader in addition to the audiobook player. It provides many of the interactive features like snooze timer, timeline scrolling, chapter navigation, etc. This may not be at par with many of the renowned audiobook apps, but it is a fair choice.

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