Top 5 Apps for Tracking Movies and TV Shows

Nowadays, streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more have overtaken the entertainment industry. These services provide you the watching history, but if you are not satisfied, you can use dedicated movie and TV show tracking apps. You can easily find plenty of them on your Android or iOS store. These apps manage you watched content ideally and even provide you recommendation according to what you watch. So, check out the apps for tracking TV shows and movies and use them in your Smartphone for betterment.

1. SeriesGuide

Its name already suggests the purpose of this app. The exciting user interface and smooth animations featured in this app make it one of the best apps for tracking TV shows and movies. You can stay updated with the new releases as well. Through the statistics tab featured in this app, you can check how much time you spend on watching movies and shows. It is easy to keep track of your watched content with the SeriesGuide app.   

2. TV Time

The TV Time app comes with a lot of cool features and benefits. Firstly, it is available for both Android and iOS users. This app has a bottom bar and a simple interface for using. You get the option to sign in using the desired social media account to get started with this app. Even, you can check the IMDB rating as well as comments of other users with the TV Time app. Get this app from the dedicated play store in your device.

3. Moviebase

Moviebase is almost the same as the SeriesGuide app. It offers a decent look and feel, and allows you to check all the relevant details of a particular show or movie. From cast to the release information, you can check everything in the Moviebase app. You can also integrate it with Trakt, make lists, and add reminders in this app. However, it is available only for Android users.

4. Cinetrak

The Cinetrack app features a hamburger menu and an outstanding user interface. It is ideal for exploring reviews of various shows and movies. You can connect with Tracks and even choose cloud storage for backup of your data. You can check the upcoming movies and shows through calendar only as it offers calendar integration and allows you to add reminders. But, for using all the features correctly, you need to get the paid version of this app.

5. Hobi

If you wish to sync data between several devices, you need to go ahead with the Hobi app. This cross-platform app offers an ideal balance of outstanding function and impressive design. For backing your data, you can use your Google account in this app. Finding new shows is easy with the Hobi app. Just tap on the discover option and see the details correctly. Unfortunately, it will work best for managing TV shows only.

Explore all of these apps mentioned above and find out the ideal one for you!

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